Token Utility

CR Square features two types of tokens CR2 & gCR2.

CR2 which the native token of CR Square Finance Platform, which is supported across the chains (Binance, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom & Ame Chains) which has the following utilities:

  1. Lending & Borrowing

    CR2 tokens can be utilised on CR Square Finance DEFI Books Platform as a collateral for seeking invoice finance and payroll finance. While users can deposit their CR2 Tokens are a collateral they can borrow stable coins such as BUSD, UST, USDT, USDC & DAI at DAO determined lending rates for invoice finance and payroll finance.

  2. Transaction Settlement

    CR2 tokens can be utilised as transaction settlement mechanism for user’s invoices on CR Square Finance DEFI Books Platform. While Users have an option to raise invoice in multiple currencies including fiat currencies, the payments for the same can be received in multiple currencies including CR2 which provides the payer with additional discount on payment of invoice through CR2 token.

  3. Incentives

    CR2 token is utilised for providing incentives to various users across the CR Square finance ecosystem. Investors, Validators, Liquidity Providers, Borrowers, Stakers, DEFI Books Users would be incentivised respectively in CR2 tokens for using the CR Square Ecosystem based on the APR decided by the DAO.

gCR2 is an ERC-20 governance token received by locking CR2 tokens for a minimum period of six months in the CR Square Ecosystem. The utility of gCR2 is discussed in detailed under the DAO Governance.

Platform Fees

Any fees earned by the CR Square Finance Ecosystem from its users would be split into 80:20 ratio and distributed to gCR2 holders and DAO treasury respectively. The gCR2 holders would earn the following forms of revenue as platform fees:

  1. Approval Fees – 0.50% or the rate fixed by the CR2 DAO in the future would be deducted from the investment cleared as approval fees for each passed proposal in the CR Square Finance Guardian Platform.

  2. Partner Airdrops – Tokenized Blockchain Projects who wish to enroll their native token as collateral on CR Square Finance DEFI Books platform have to offer the gCR2 Holders Airdrops of their native tokens.

  3. DEFI Interest – Interest earned over financing of expenses, invoices and payroll in the CR Square Finance DEFI Books Platform.

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