Yasaswy Sarma Veluri

A Chartered Accountant based out India, has earlier co-founded GPRSK and associates a CA firm with presence in 7 cities across south India and workforce of 50+. Served over 100+ clients as Virtual/Shared CFO over the past 10 years specialising in the fields of International Transaction Advisory, MIS, Accounting & Business Valuations. He has been investing and advising clients on Blockchain space for over 5 years now.

Priyanga Ramesh

Priyanga as project manager leads the whole team to ensure that the goals are achieved and delivered to the client within the specified deadlines without any errors. She acts as an anchor and spearhead the project to success; she drives the team with all PMP skill as part of project life cycle. Project Methodologies are followed based on the projects requirement. Also previously worked with organization like Tata communications and HCL Technologies.

Elangovan Gopal

An Alumnus of IIT-Madras. Elangovan is a front-end UI software developer for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and Web application creation using Google's Flutter framework. Currently, engaged in building several decentralized cryptocurrency wallet apps. With more than 3+ years of experience in scientific programming for research and scientific applications enthusiasm has motivated him to join CR Square Finance.

Khanum Raziqa

Raziqa has more than 3 years of experience as customer support in terms of sales, marketing and backend data management requisite for a business to grow. Since 2016, she was engaged with IB Ltd contributing her sales and marketing skills to anticipate banking pitfall and bestow optimal outcome. Subsequently she was engaged in managing client queries on recommended products and furnishing backend support for Shriram Properties Ltd. With CR Square Finance she plays her part as Support Engineer resolving end to end assistance for organizational clients She is in charge of the public relations and community management.

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