CR Square Guardian

CR Square Guardian is a Multichain supported Decentralised Application which helps build transparency between Investors and Founders of the web3.0 community. Our Guardian Platform connects Investors and Founders through a trusted mechanism of Escrow Pools powered by Smart Contracts in alliance with our robust Validator Ecosystem.
CR Square Guardian ensures that the Investors funds are secure and establishes a oversight over the founders progress in product development and fund management with the help of independent third party validators.
CR Square Guardian safeguards the investors funds from rug pulls, founders inexperience, whimsical spending and deviations from the timeline or roadmap by the founders.
Independent Third Party Validators approved by the CR Square DAO members with experience in the fields of Blockchain, Product Development, Finance, Investments and Management. These Validators verify the Fund Request Proposals from the founders based on multiple parameters and make an independent assessment for approval or rejections of such proposals.
In the end CR Square Guardian ensures a transparent and safe mechanism for Investors to fund projects with an oversight and the founders to enhance their capabilities to raise funds in a trusted environment.